Hoosiers using deadly force to fight criminals

INDIANPOLIS - In the midst of the violent-crime streak in Indianapolis, many Hoosiers are fighting back to avoid becoming the next victim.

In the 3100 block of North College Avenue, homeowner Joshua Black found three young men inside when he returned home Sunday. It was the second recent burglary to his residence. In the first burglary, the suspects shot and killed his dog and stole a firearm.  In Sunday's break-in, Black shot the 17-year-old intruder multiple times while the other two suspects fled, Indianapolis Metro Police officers said.

Neighbor Krystal Watson said more residents are taking their safety into their own hands.

"Why wouldn't (Black fight back)?  They had no business in there. He was protecting his home. So he did what he had to do," Watson said.

Last Monday, a retired IMPD officer shot and wounded 30-year-old Ryan Kilbride, an alleged strong-armed robber who had just stolen a purse.

The following day, a homeowner shot and wounded 19-year-old Jacque Rogers when he returned home and found Rogers inside his residence.

And on Friday, a man returned home and found a suspected burglar leaving his northeast Johnson County farmhouse. The would-be victim told 34-year-old George W. Chapman that he was armed and held him until sheriff's deputies arrived.

IMPD said this trend to fight back, to defend one's self and property, shows a sense of public concern and urgency to take legal action against a suspect or suspects, who by their actions, have put themselves in harm's way, RTV6's Jack Rinehart reported.

"People are tired of it. And what you're seeing is a serious inability to get the message. The message is clear: they're not going to be victims anymore," IMPD Spokesman Chris Wilburn said.

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