Hoosiers' voting history circulating to neighbors, causing conflict

Ind. Secretary of States says actions not illegal

INDIANAPOLIS - Hoosiers want to know how an out of town organization got their hands on Indiana voting records.

Hundreds of Hoosiers are getting letters from a group called Americans for Limited Government, outlining their voting history and that of their neighbors.

"It was kind of unusual I was surprised at it," said Tom Burke, who received one of the letters.

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson released a statement Tuesday afternoon addressing the letters, noting that Indiana law restricts the availability of voter participation records.

"The State of Indiana does not treat lightly its role to strictly limit access to voting records and we are not aware of any improper use of the State's resources to conduct such an 'audit'," said Lawson. "Many of the Hoosiers who have contacted our office have indicated that their voting records as stated in the letter were inaccurate. I would advise anyone who receives the letter to disregard it."

"You can get someone's voter participation by going to the county, but you have to go there and ask for it," said the Indiana Secretary of State's Communications Director Valerie Kroeger. "But what I think alarmed people is it was incorrect where it showed they didn't vote in 2008 or 2010 when in fact they know they did."

Burke said the letter he got contained some inaccurate information.

"What bothered me on the thing was one of the ladies who had passed away a couple of years ago was on the list and my daughter was on the list and hasn't lived in the house for 10 years, so it's not up to date," said Burke.

Even with inaccuracies, officials say the letters don't break any laws, only offering information that is already public.

Anyone can go the county voter registration office and get a copy of voting records, but just this year Marion County passed a resolution stating reports will not include certain information, like date of birth, gender and telephone number.

RTV6 reached out to Americans for Limited Government, but the phone lines for the Virginia-based group were down for much of the day.

The group's website said it's an aggressive nonpartisan group that is out to expose and prevent the expansion of government.

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