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Caught on Camera: Bus driver fails to use stop arm, lights when picking up students

Parents concerned bus driver not using stop arm
Posted at 6:13 PM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 22:20:24-05

KOKOMO, Ind. -- Parents in Kokomo are raising concerns over a bus driver they say never uses the "stop" arm or lights when picking up kids. 

One concerned father who recorded video of the school bus on his cell phone says he was appalled that his child had to cross the street, in front of the bus, with no help from the bus driver to alert cars to stop.

“Arm never comes out, the flashing lights never come on, the stop sign never swings out,” said the father. “They got on the bus and then the bus took off and I was like, dumbfounded, that nothing ever happened.”


That parent and others say they've reached out to the school about the issue but they haven't seen any changes being made. 

RTV6 contacted the school district who tells us that the Transportation Supervisor has now re-trained the entire Kokomo Schools fleet of bus drivers on displaying the stop arm and using lights at all stops and reinforced its usage.

The district says it cannot discuss personnel issues, and cannot tell us any info about the bus driver in this video or their training, but the father says it was never about that. 

“It’s not about someone losing their job, it’s about the safety of the children to make sure nothing bad happens,” said the father.

You can read the full response from the Kokomo School Corporation below.

"Kokomo School Corporation officials appreciate the recent notifications from parents and patrons concerning stop arm usage. Our Transportation Supervisor has used these notifications and has retrained our entire Kokomo Schools fleet of bus drivers concerning the importance of displaying the STOP arm at ALL stops; and therefore, also has reinforced the usage of displaying the STOP arm at ALL stops.

This is a Personnel issue and we cannot discuss that part of the matter.

Take care, David Barnes, Director of Communications, Kokomo School Corporation"

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