IKEA to build Fishers location to open fall 2017

FISHERS, Ind. -- Much to the delight of central Indiana furniture shoppers, IKEA will be opening a store in the Indianapolis-area.

The furniture store announced plans Tuesday morning for a $40 million store 15 miles north of downtown Indy in Fishers.

IKEA's new store will open in fall 2017 near I-69 and 116th Street.

The building will be 296,000 square feet, with 1,000 parking spaces.

In Tuesday's press conference, IKEA representatives said it would add 250 jobs to the area, in specifications such as retail, food services, interior design, human resources and accounting. Some positions that are part-time will still be offered full benefits, with as low as 20 hours mentioned by IKEA reps on Tuesday as qualifying.

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Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness also presented the news with IKEA officials.

"There are some retailers in the world that when they decide to relocate to your community, it says something about the quality and care of your community," Fadness said. "I think this is a win not just for Fishers ... but also for the entire central Indiana region."

In an email sent late Monday night, the Swedish furniture retailer first said it planned to announce its first location in Indiana at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday at Fishers City Hall.

IKEA is a company that sells furniture -- like beds, chairs and desks -- appliances and accessories. 

Founded in 1943 in Sweden, its name stands for the founder -- Ingvar Kamprad -- the farm -- Elmtaryd -- and village -- Agunnaryd -- where the founder grew up. Kamprad was 17 when he founded the company.

Most of its products are bought from European countries, its website said.

IKEA currently has 41 locations in the U.S. The closest to Indianapolis are in Bolingbrook and Schaumburg, Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri, and West Chester, Ohio.

It is known for cheaper-than-average prices, due to having to put the products together yourself. It is also popular for its popular designs and defense of environmental issues. Via it's website on the environment:

IKEA's low prices must never be achieved at the expense of people or the environment. That is a condition for doing good business. Our customers must always feel that the products they buy are safe to use. IKEA products must be manufactured under acceptable working conditions by suppliers who take responsibility for the environment. We do not accept child labour. The IKEA Group supports sustainable forestry and our long-term goal is to source all wood in the IKEA range from forests certified as responsibly managed. We work actively to reduce IKEA's impact on the climate change.

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