IMPD investigating video of brutal beating at Brookside Park

INDIANAPOLIS - The parents of two Indianapolis kids attacked at a local park want justice after the weekend incident captured on video went viral.

According to Indianapolis Metro Police, the video showed the vicious beating of a girl and her younger brother.

On Saturday, Indianapolis police were contacted by a George Washington Community High School student who said she and her 5-year-old brother were attacked at Brookside Park earlier in the day.

The student said she didn't know her attacker's name, but that she recognized her from school.

A video posted on YouTube purportedly shows the attack. In the video, a girl can be seen striking and kicking the victim repeatedly in the face. When the victim tries to leave, the assailant chases and attacks her again – striking the younger brother when he attempts to defend his sister.

The video has more than 200,000 views and has been shared to Facebook and other social media sites.

Perry Bailey, the stepfather of the teen, said it was difficult to watch his stepdaughter being pulled by her hair and kicked in the face.

"I don't like to see that stuff happen to any kid, especially my own," he said.

Bailey said he's frustrated and claims Indianapolis Public Schools officials didn't take action weeks ago when his stepdaughter reported bullying.

"In the next few days we will go to the superintendent, we'll go to the school board, we'll go all the way up until we can't go up no more, and we will press charges on the kids that actually put their hands on my kids," Bailey said.

The school district released a statement saying the young woman seen attacking a girl in the video is not an IPS student. 

"The school district says the person who did this attack does not go to school here. They could not deal with that. We don't believe that. Until they show us proof, we are not going to believe that," Bailey said. 

IPS acknowledged that the victim in the case did complain about bullying, but it involved students who currently attend the school. That case was investigated and IPS officials said the student's concerns were properly addressed.

Ashley Hollowell said she saw the video online along with thousands of others.

"I thought it was disgusting. I normally don't watch fight videos on there, but because it was Indianapolis I wanted to see what was going on," Hollowell said.

Police said the prime suspect in the case had already been arrested in an unrelated incident, but would not be identified since everyone involved in the case is a juvenile.

Anyone with information in the case is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.


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