Ind. company responds to police protests with 'Breathe Easy' shirts

MISHAWAKA, Ind. - A Northern Indiana uniform shop has crafted a rebuttal to the "I can’t breathe" social movement stemming from the apparent chokehold death of Eric Garner in July by a police officer during an arrest in New York.

When a grand jury decided last week not to charge the officer, thousands of people across the country began protesting with signs, Twitter hashtags and T-shirts that read "I can't breathe." 

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Saturday, players for Notre Dame women's basketball team wore "I can't breathe" T-shirts during a pregame warmup.

One day later, the South Bend Uniform Company in South Bend posted a picture to its Facebook page advertising "Breathe Easy" T-shirts.

"I just designed my own version of a shirt that is absolutely necessary right now. Happy to print as many as these as people will wear. Let me know how many to get for any of your agencies!" read the Facebook post.

According to, the company is owned and operated by Cpl. Jason Barthel of the Mishawaka Police Department.

The Facebook post featuring the shirt has since received hundreds of likes, shares, and comments, with encouragement to wear the shirt to the next Notre Dame women's basketball game.

University officials said the team was not trying to send an anti-police message.

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