Indiana boy with Asperger's Syndrome, 9, donates stuffed animals for kids riding in ambulances

FISHERS, Ind. - A 9-year-old Fishers boy with Asperger's Syndrome has taken generous steps to make sure no kids in his city have to take an ambulance ride in fear.

The Fishers Department of Fire and Emergency Services said it had a very special delivery to the fire station recently from Hudson Miles, who has Asperger's.

Department Captain John Mehling said Hudson read an article that talked about children in ambulances, pointing out how afraid they can be when they have to get inside one.

Hudson took it on himself to change that.

The fire department said Hudson, with the help of his mom, Angie, raised $160 via Facebook to purchase stuffed animals that could be given to scared kids in ambulances. 

And Hudson wasn't doing this for glory. He and his mother dropped off all the toys at the Fishers fire station without leaving their information.

Hudson's mom, Angie, said this act is very counterintuitive for a child with Asperger's.

"One of the markers is that there is (an appearance of) lack of empathy for others. For Hudson, this was a rare event for him to show concern about how others feel," Capt. Mehling wrote.

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