Indiana company develops less-lethal gun for police, self-defense

INDIANAPOLIS - For those who want to carry a gun for protection, the thought of actually injuring or killing someone can be frightening. But an Indiana company now says they have a new way to protect yourself in a less-lethal way.

The device, called the ML 12, looks just like a handgun – but instead of bullets it uses kinetic energy rounds like beanbags. It is designed to inflict a significant amount of pain – possibly giving the victim time to get away from an attacker.

"You have to be prepared to take somebody's life, but do you have to go that far every time?" said Thomas Teach, CEO of Bruzer Less Lethal International, the company that makes the ML 12.

Teach says the device is a cost-effective way to stay safe. That's why his company is pushing the product to law enforcement, the military and ordinary citizens.

Former metro police officer Greg Burge believes there is a market for it.

"For the police world … the police world's always looking for more tools in their tool box, because every policeman in America uses deadly force as the last option to be used," Burge said.

Burge said the concept isn't totally new. Police have been using bean bag launchers for years, but those were shoguns, not smaller devices like the MKL 12.

"So putting the concept in a smaller platform that can conceivably be carried in a woman's purse, or a man's jacket, or something like that, that to my knowledge is kind of a new idea," Burge said.

You can find more information about Bruzer's ML 12 at

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