Indiana couple volunteering with Red Cross in Louisiana flooding

INDIANAPOLIS -- Flood-stricken Louisiana residents will soon be getting help from the Hoosier state.

Two Red Cross volunteers from Indiana are packing up to make the journey south.

Jesse and Deb McDaniel volunteered with the Red Cross after Hurricane Sandy and the Flint Water Crisis in Michigan, and even volunteered closer to home after tornadoes touched down in Kokomo.

Now they are heading to Baton Rouge to help victims of the massive flooding there.

"It's a big deal, and it's huge, and I think I appreciate what we've got and I appreciate what other people go through in some of these disasters," Deb said about the scope of the flooding.

"When you see the thing about, please donate to the Red Cross, people need to understand that that's the only way that the food gets out, the supplies get out, because it's all from donations," said Jesse.

The McDaniels will drive an emergency response unit to Louisiana and fill it up with comfort kits that include soap, shampoo and other toiletries flood victims need.

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