Indiana gets a D- grade for its lack of efforts to support working parents

INDIANAPOLIS - A new report speaks to parents who work full time. It turns out, our state could be doing a whole lot more in terms of making their lives easier.

The National Partnership for Women and Families has given Indiana a D- (which was an F in many of our houses growing up!) for the support system available for those balancing kids and a job.

That applies to time taken on leave, job security, etc. All of these factor in the report.

Indiana did get a few points for a law that requires nursing moms get a private place other than a toilet stall to pump breast milk. Those points were lopped off again, however, because nursing moms who work in the private sector in Indiana aren’t provided a reasonable break time to pump.

The report illustrates how states like California are getting higher grades with their supportive programs for working parents.

For example, in California, private sector workers who qualify for the state's disability insurance system are entitled to up to six weeks of paid family leave that can be used by either parent. Pregnant women are also eligible for up to 4 months of job-protected leave to address a pregnancy-related health condition.

In Illinois (which got a B) a new law requires all private employers to make reasonable accommodations for pregnant women or new moms with resulting medical complications. Non of that is required in Indiana.

Find more in the report here.

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