Indiana high-school cheerleader plays football too

HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. - An Indiana high school student is smashing stereotypes -- she is a high-spirited cheerleader who plays on the football team too.

Alex Quillin, a junior at Eastern Hancock High School, has made a big impact on her cheer squad.

"She does anything and everything for anyone. She’s super giving," one friend said.

"Alex is an awesome person. She has one of the best personalities I have ever seen and she’s one of those girls you see in middle school that you just can’t wait to get on your team," a cheerleading coach said.

Quillin said it boils down to commitment and perseverance -- which might just help her achieve her future goals.

"I know I want to be a cheerleader in college, I love cheerleading with all my heart," Quillin said.

In the meantime, Quillin tried out for and made the junior varsity football team as their kicker.

"I feel so good when people yell at me when I do a good kick," Quillin said.

Quillin said she did have some doubts about being the only female on the team.

"One thing I was afraid of was I wasn’t going to be accepted," Quillin said.

But she said that fear soon came to an end.

"I have no reason to be scared, they’re a bunch of brothers who have accepted a sister into the group too," Quillin said.

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