Family featured in videos found in Indiana Goodwill purchase comes forward

CLARKSVILLE, Ind. - A southern-Indiana man made it his mission to find the family behind precious videos he found on a camera he bought at a Clarksville Goodwill. That family came forward late Thursday.

As WAVE 3 News reports, Sgt. First Class Joe Lynch said he wasn't looking for a top-of-the-line camera. He found satisfaction in a $5 "turn of the millennium" RCA camera.

He found tapes in the case from a previous owner. Among the videos were a newborn meeting his brother and a first Halloween.

He took snapshots of the family and posted them on Facebook. The man who donated the camera to Goodwill, Kit Applegate, said the tapes weren't his.

"My brother-in-law gave me that camera several years ago. It's his family in those videos. He didn't know the tapes were inside the case. And I didn't either until we saw the WAVE 3 News story. We feel bad for not ever looking in the bag," Applegate said to WAVE 3 News.

Applegate said his brother-in-law plans on meeting Sgt. Lynch very soon to thank him.

"That is so awesome that this guy would go out of his way to try to find out who these people were. Most of the time the news is just full of bad stuff. So, just to see someone who wants to do some good and also see that the news took hold of it, and wanted to do something good too, just makes me feel grateful," Applegate said.