Indiana man's missing wedding band found 3 years later in Florida

NEW PALESTINE, Ind. - A New Palestine man was elated to find out that his engraved wedding band -- which had been lost for years -- was found this week in Florida.

Bart Naylor and his wife Rachel have been together for 14 years. Rachel said her husband has a problem with losing wedding rings and has lost several over the years.

"The first wedding ring we got was platinum, he broke that one, the second one was a gold one, he broke that one," Rachel said.

Three years ago, Naylor wanted to do something special for his wife. Rachel was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and he wanted to let her know that they were in it together, so he engraved "Bart & Rachel" on a ring.

Naylor said he and his wife were vacationing in St. Petersburg, Florida at their favorite resort when the ring slipped off. He’d only had it for two weeks and said the loss was devastating since they were already going through a trying time.

Naylor didn’t know it, but a self-proclaimed metal detector detective named Bob Ossmann found the ring this week.

Ossmann said solving the ring mystery was just part of his job.

"It feels good to be able to give somebody something, and if it means something to them, they'll give you something for it, and I really don't care. I enjoy doing what I do," Ossmann said.

Thanks to the power of social media, one of Rachel's friends saw a story about the ring and called with the good news.

Naylor said he’s counting the days until the package containing the lost ring arrives, and he knows just what to do when it does.

"I'm going to give my wife a big kiss, place it on my finger and tell her it will never come off again," he said.

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