Indiana State Police provides videos to show bus drivers how to react in crisis

INDIANAPOLIS - School bus drivers can learn how to react if they're faced with an armed person on their bus thanks to videos from the Indiana State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division.

The videos depict how an unarmed bus driver can react if a potential shooter enters the bus.

It's intended to be used as a training tool for school bus drivers. The aim is to reduce potential injuries and fatalities resulting from violence.

The information isn't intended as legal advice.

To view the videos tap or click here or take a look below.

Live demonstrations can be arranged by contacting Indiana State Police.

The videos were produced through a joint effort by several agencies.

Training Video: Bus Scenarios 1 and 2 from Garin Grist on Vimeo.

Training Video: Bus Scenarios 3, 4 and 5 from Garin Grist on Vimeo.

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