Indianapolis bus driver drops 5-year-old girl miles away from home on wrong stop, family members say

Andrew J. Brown Academy investigating incident


Administrators at an Indianapolis charter school are investigating a bus driver after a 5-year-old girl was dropped off four miles from her home at the wrong stop.

The family of Deazja Powers, 5, claims she was dropped off at the end of the bus line on Monday, even though she told the bus driver it was the wrong stop.

Her grandmother, Teresa Bates, said it was her first time riding the bus and she is normally picked up from Andrew J. Brown Academy. Powers even wore a note pinned to her coat that showed the name of her stop in hopes of a smooth transition.

"My granddaughter told the driver where he should stop, but he told her to have a seat and be quiet," Bates said.

Powers was dropped off on east 42nd Street, about four miles from her home. She then knocked on a stranger's door to ask for help, family members said.

Bates said she believes the driver wanted to end his workday and didn't bother to take Powers back to the right stop.

"He basically took it into his own hands to know that this was his last stop. He had a child on the bus and instead of him wanting to take this child back to the school or try to assist; he dropped her off on a corner. She had no ability to know where she was," Bates said.

Fortunately, Powers knew her mother's phone number and the strangers she turned to helped track her down.

School officials said they are investigating the incident. 

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