Indianapolis doctors go pro-bono to fix little boy's skull

INDIANAPOLIS - A little boy and his family are headed back to Africa after getting help from doctors here in Indianapolis.

Two-year-old Liam Pelletier recently underwent craniofacial surgery at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.

The doctors performed the surgery at no cost to his parents, who are missionaries in Africa.

They teach at a theological seminary in Zimbabwe, but brought their son to doctors here in Indy after he couldn't get the treatment he needed in Africa.

Liam was born with a defect that causes his head to be misshapen. It caused the joints in his skull to close early, before his brain was fully formed.

Doctors at St. Vincent agreed to reconstruct his skull, and cover the costs, offering 100 percent bro-bono work.

Liam has been recovering since the big surgery in January and will now return to Africa with his family, where they will continue their missionary work.

Watch the attached video to hear firsthand from the family.

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