Indianapolis Metro Police Department Sgt. Kendale Adams challenges public to become mentors

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis Metro Police officer is turning to social media to challenge the public to become mentors in hopes of stopping violent crimes.

"You, especially men, make a pledge to commit to something greater than yourself.  A pledge to mentor someone in need for one year," Sgt. Kendale Adams posted on Facebook.

Adams said at-risk youth in violent neighborhoods are going to be influenced one way or another.

"A young man is going to be mentored. He's either going to be mentored by the street or he's going to be mentored by someone who may have experienced that and was able to be successful and come out of that," Adams said.

Mentor Immanuel Ivey said that now is the right time to become a mentor.

"Unfortunately, a lot of the youth don't have mentors. They don't have the adults that teach them the right way. They just go off what they see through their neighborhood and also through their family," Ivey said.

In the two days the post has been up, Adams says the response has been good.

Some have shared the post, others "like" it, but the ones who will make a difference, Adams says, are the ones who will take the time to change a life.

"We just have to choose to make ourselves available," Adams said.

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