Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition invited to share experience with Ferguson community

INDIANAPOLIS - One of the leaders of the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition said the group has been invited to Ferguson, Missouri to share its experience in dealing with violence and turmoil on the streets.

Rev. Charles Harrison of Ten Point announced the development Thursday night.

The trip comes after nearly two weeks of protests and clashes following the police-shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Although things have turned more peaceful, the area is still tense.

Local pastors and volunteers who make up the Ten Point Coalition will train Ferguson community leaders on how to safely and peacefully patrol their neighborhoods.

"We're going to go to the St. Louis-Ferguson area sometime in mid to late September. We're trying to work out the details. We want to take them out probably the first night into one of the neighborhoods and teach them how to do street patrols," Harrison said.

Ten Point organizers frequently head to the scene of a violent crime to help calm members of the community that are nearby, and keep peace between police and civilians.

Ten Point will also show Ferguson leaders ways to establish better working relationships with elected officials, police and community organizations.

"We really know how to do it very effectively and we want to teach them so that they can begin to build some relationships with the young men and women out on the streets," Harrison said.

Harrison said he feels honored to be able to help.

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