A night with Michelle Obama in Indianapolis

Posted: 11:33 PM, Feb 13, 2018
Updated: 2018-02-13 23:33:31-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- Former First Lady Michelle Obama drew a sold-out crowd of 12,000 people to Bankers Life Fieldhouse Tuesday evening where she shared words of encouragement and hope.

Youth groups from Girls Inc., IPS, the Indiana Black Expo and several other organizations across the state were there to hear her message. 

Her first message to the youth: You have to put in the work if you want to find success. 

"So go to college, get your education and put yourself in the game," said Michelle. "You have to put yourself in the game and you don't do that without being prepared. But you can't be at the table if you're not prepared."

RTV6 Anchor Ericka Flye attended Tuesday's event and shared her thoughts below. 

A Night with Mrs. Obama:

"The doors at Bankers Life Fieldhouse opened at 7 p.m., but people started trickling in hours before. Sometimes it’s a challenge to get people to talk on camera, but everyone I approached was more than happy to tell me how they felt about Former First Lady Michelle Obama.  The words I heard over and over about Mrs. Obama – admired, respected, inspirational, motivational, especially for women and girls.

So as you can image, when Mrs. Obama was introduced, there was a roar from the crowd – a sold-out crowd of 12,000. But I was impressed that some of the first words out of Mrs. Obama’s mouth were “Where are the young people in the audience?” which was followed by another round of applause and screams from these young people.  

I know of groups from Girls Inc., Black Expo’s YMI, and IPS who attended. 

Mrs. Obama talked about a wide variety of things – from her childhood – to being a fashion icon. But she spent most of her time encouraging women and girls to be advocates and leaders, having morals and values and increasing their self-confidence.  She talked about women not only being at the table but being at the table, prepared.

I talked to some people on the way out. One woman told me she’s inspired to go back and finish what she started, and she is ready to be at the table."

You can watch most of Michelle's conversation below.