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Cars towed from downtown Indy when "no parking" signs are covered by trees

Posted at 7:17 PM, Sep 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-21 22:39:18-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- Visitors in downtown Indianapolis say they’ve had to learn the hard way that parking can be restricted – even for just a few hours in a day.

Sierra Gaines says she stayed overnight with her grandparents at the Braxton Apartments along Fort Wayne Avenue and since only residents are allowed to park in the parking lot for the complex, visitors were told to park on the street.

But that street does have a sign, and it says: “No Parking 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. Except on Weekends.”

“When I came back out the next morning to leave, my car was gone,” said Gaines. “I was like, where are we supposed to park if we can’t park on the street.”

Gaines said she didn’t even notice the sign was there – and many people living nearby say they had never seen it either. That’s because it’s hidden behind overgrown trees.

“You can’t even see the sign – it’s not visible at all – unless you walk around and see it hanging up,” said Gaines.  “It was very frustrating. Thank god I had it squared away… It did set me back financially, because, like you said – who has $150 out of nowhere because a car was towed? It wasn’t at the pound for an hour.”

After hearing from Gaines and other frustrated drivers who have found themselves in the same situation, RTV6 reached out to the Department of Public Works to find out what can be done.

A spokesperson for DPW says they have had no complaints reported in the last three months around the area of Fort Wayne Avenue because of obstructed signs, but if you do have a complaint you can file it on the “Request Indy” website. DPW says you should include a photo and pinpoint your exact location online.

Gaines said she will file a complaint and hopes others who have had the same issue will do the same.

Once complaints are received, DPW says the department responsible will be sent to inspect the area and clear it based on what they find needs to be done.

Read their full statement below:

"We have not received any reports of obstructed-view signs in that area in the last 3 months. As with any other service request, we rely heavily on citizens to be our eyes and ears. We ask residents to report issues via Request Indy and through the Mayor’s Action Center. Had this been reported, it is likely that it would have been inspected and cleared accordingly.  It’s also worth noting people who submit reports through Request Indy can include photos with their reports."