Street flooding often caused by clogged storm drains

Who is responsible for clearing drains?
Posted: 12:00 PM, Feb 21, 2018
Updated: 2018-02-21 15:11:07-05
Storm drains back up, causing flooding
Storm drains back up, causing flooding
Storm drains back up, causing flooding

INDIANAPOLIS -- Flooding, often an issue with heavy rain downtown, can get to be so bad some people say they often can't get to their homes. 

One man affected by the flooding problem is quadriplegic. His wife says they're not even able to utilize their handicapped parking spot right outside their house. Flooding in the drains caused excess water and mud.

Teri Mitchell, the man's wife, says this happens every time there's a storm.

"We've been out here so many different times cleaning up the mud and the debris and everything," Mitchell said. "It's just it's getting tiresome."

Their van continuously gets flooded, she said. She wants the Department of Public Works to do something about it.

"If they would get out here and clean it out like they're supposed to, then it wouldn't be an issue as far as the flooding."

Ben Easley, a DPW spokesperson, said storm water is supposed to drain away within 48 hours. If there is still standing water after 48 hours, call Citizens Energy. They complete the storm water inspection and report their findings to the DPW.  

"Generally, we find that if the storm water has dissipated or drained away within 48 hours, those storm sewers are operating as designed," Easley said. "We think they're good."

DPW also says in the meantime, to prevent flooding, pick up the debris if you can and move it out of the way before a storm.

They say the same crews that work on potholes and snow also work on clearing storm drains, and they operate on an "as needed" basis.

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