Bank of America expanding to Indianapolis

With more than 46 million customers --- including more than 128,000 in the Indianapolis-metro area --- Bank Of America is finally expanding to open brick and mortar locations and stand-alone ATMs in Indianapolis. 

Bank of America is leasing space in the new Cummins Distribution Headquarters Building on the 300 block of East Market Street in downtown Indianapolis.

The new retail banking and financial center will open later this year and will be the first of several centers planned for Central Indiana. 

At the new 7-47 Apartment Complex on College Avenue, near Mass Ave, there are signs alerting customers a new banking center will open there too. 

There is also a stand-alone ATM in a shopping center parking lot on Indianapolis's northwest side, although it is not yet operational.

Up to this point, customers with Bank of America ATM cards, who may have moved to Indiana from other states, have had to pay extra fees to use ATM's operated by other banks.

This expansion can help alleviate some of those costs. 

Bank of America has not announced the date for the grand opening of its financial center in the Cummins Building, although executives tell RTV6 it will happen before 2018 arrives.

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