Confusing lane markers downtown leave drivers with safety concerns

INDIANAPOLIS -- As downtown Indianapolis has grown, construction has changed the landscape of the buildings and the streets below.

One stretch of road that has caused safety concerns among drivers navigating the construction is along Market Street between Alabama and East streets. There you'll find multiple double yellow lines.

The double yellow line is supposed to mark the middle of the road, the division in directional changes so that drivers are moving the way they're supposed to.

But as you can see in the photos at the top of this story, in that area of downtown, there are two sets and even at one point, three sets of double yellow lines.

Drivers we spoke to were not sure what lane they should be in, and worried another car might be coming at them the wrong way.

We sent pictures of this area of road to the Department of Public Works, who says the extra double yellow lines are leftover pavement markings that were in place before the construction of a nearby apartment building.

"The lines were painted over with black paint some time ago, but the pictures you sent indicate the paint has worn off," DPW said in a statement. "DPW can paint over the markings once again when weather permits. We need the weather to be a bit warmer and drier for any pavement paint to stick."

The area is already scheduled for resurfacing once the apartment construction is complete. That resurfacing will include a travel lane in each direction with turn lanes at each traffic signal and parking on both sides.

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