Illegal dumping causing concern about the future of Irvington Plaza

Posted: 8:09 AM, Mar 20, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-20 12:09:31Z

INDIANAPOLIS -- Some people living in Irvington are concerned illegal dumping at a recycling bin may hurt the chances that someone will redevelop the once-popular Irvington Plaza on East Washington Street.

The bin sits at in the southwest parking lot of the plaza.

"I think how we treat the recycle bin really would show maybe how we would treat the plaza if we had an owner, a new owner," said Jim Nixon, Irvington.

Nixon's found shoes, bed frames, and pet kennels left in front of the bin.

A spokesperson for the Department of Public Works says the location is cleaned and serviced daily by solid waste crews.

"A lot of the items actually blow into the neighborhood down here by the Pensie Trail and it's an eyesore," said Nixon.

When trash collects along the edge of nearby properties. DPW says it's the responsibility of those property owners to clean up the mess.

Nixon wants people to use the recycling bin the right way for things like newspapers, plastics and glass bottles.

He hopes it could lead to bigger and better things for Irvington and the plaza.

"We just need to do something out this way and along the Washington Street corridor," said Nixon.

The shopping plaza was anchored by a Marsh supermarket until last May when it closed.

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