Firearms will be allowed the Circle of Lights display in downtown Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS -- Downtown Indy, Inc. announced Friday that people will be allowed to bring firearms to the annual Circle of Lights display.

On Tuesday, the organization announced several security changes to accommodate expected large crowds. 

At the time, they said weapons and firearms would be prohibited at the Circle of Lights but Friday issued a statement saying:

"Originally, weapons and firearms were included on the list of prohibited items. However, after consulting with IMPD and the Mayor's Office, Downtown Indy, Inc. states that although discouraged, firearms have been removed from the list of items not permitted (per Indiana concealed carry)."

Items that are still prohibited at the event include chairs, pop-up tends, coolers, bicycles and animals (except for service animals).

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief Bryan Roach said Tuesday that the high level of security at the Circle of Lights is due to the growing size of the event, not based on any specific safety concern or threat.

In addition, the performance stage has been moved from the steps of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument to the north spoke of Meridian Street, adjacent to Christ Church Cathedral.

"The movement of the stage to the under-utilized north spoke of the Circle will facilitate greater viewing opportunities for more spectators while ensuring the highest safety protocols," said Sherry Seiwert, Downtown Indy, Inc. President.

People who go to the Circle of Lights may also watch the events on large TV screens at three viewing plazas located around Monument Circle.

The Circle of Lights will take place Friday, November 24 on Monument Circle from 6 to 8 p.m. It's a free event.

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