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Four locked trucks stolen on south side of Indianapolis

Posted: 9:27 PM, Feb 07, 2019
Updated: 2019-02-07 21:27:29-05

INDIANAPOLIS — At least four locked trucks were stolen right out of people's driveways on the city's south side on Wednesday.

In one victim's security video, the suspect crawls out from underneath the truck and down the driveway it goes.

The strange thing about this is that the trucks were all locked. The thief was somehow able to break in, put the car in neutral and push it down the driveway.

In Anthonio Avila's case, his silver 2004 Dodge Ram has still yet to be found. What he did find yesterday morning, was broken glass on the ground.

"I'm assuming they just busted the window because it's a manual," Avila said. "They busted it, popped it in neutral and pushed it on its way."

On Tuesday, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department arrested a man and recovered eight chopped up stolen vehicles on the south side, meant to be sold as parts. At this time, It's not clear whether these are connected.

"It's really brave of the people, just take somebody's hard work from them that they wake up every day to go to work, and even possibly seven days of work, to just have it taken in a flash - overnight better yet," Avila said. "And I've had the truck since I was 18 and it was a dream truck that I wanted."

Police say they will keep investigating, while it's just a waiting game for Avila.

"I don't care what shape or form it's in. I just want it back."

Contact IMPD if you spot the vehicle anywhere.