Funding approved for replacing, installing street lights throughout Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS -- Street lights around the city of Indianapolis will soon be equipped with LED technology - and there will be more of them too. 

In a unanimous vote for 25-0, the full City-County Council approved Proposal 244 on Tuesday which allows funding for the first phase of replacing and installing street lights around the city.

The proposal also approves a $14 million appropriation to the Department of Public Works, which will in part allow the city to put up new street lights in some areas.

The rest of the funding will go towards improving the city’s infrastructure and current lighting.

Part of that funding is made possible because of the state’s gasoline tax increase that went into effect on July 1. The city expects to receive an additional $8 million in revenue from the state in the second half of the year as a result of that 10-cent per gallon increase.

The proposal’s passing also clears the way for a $6 million transfer from the city’s Rainy Day Fund into the Transportation General Fund.

The first phase of the street light program will be to retrofit the city’s more than 27,000 lights with LED technology. The city will then use the savings to install 3-4,000 new street lights over the next three to four years.  

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