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Indy neighbors says speed tables are causing drivers to make dangerous maneuvers

Posted at 11:47 PM, Jul 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-01 15:00:41-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- The city has installed speed tables to slow traffic along a busy Indianapolis street in preparation for the upcoming IndyGo Red Line construction, but people who live near where they are installed say drivers trying to avoid them has become a real safety hazard.

"The speed tables do not go the full length of the road, therefore the cars that are driving go around them," said Karen Leone. "They're useless."

Leone says she's worried about the threat to her safety and others who live and play on the street.

"It's like the Indy 500 now. Drivers went very fast, but now they go even faster. They're providing a real danger for walkers and bikers," said Leone. 

The Department of Public Works says there is no bike lane on the stretch of Central Avenue where the speed tables were installed and encourages bikers and drivers to share the road.

But Jacqueline Burkholder says they have the opposite effect. She says cars are also swerving so fast and far that they're nearly driving up onto the sidewalk, which makes it dangerous when she's trying to push her child in a stroller. 

"Cars are swerving to go closer to sidewalks, and our sidewalks are crumbling in many areas along the street," said Burkholder. "It's kind of scary. Especially when you get by the speed bump because the cars are swerving around the speed bump."

DPW says it's planning to install flexible poles next to the speed tables to prevent swerving and it's also ordered extensions for the speed tables. 

They'll also be converting a total of three 4-way stops into 2-way stops along Central Avenue - including those at 40th Street and 58th Street. The DPW hopes those changes will help guide traffic into patterns that are the safest and most efficient.

The stops will be converted back to 4-way stops once Red Line construction is complete.

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