Indy west side neighbors continue to band together following murder of Amanda Blackburn

INDIANAPOLIS – Two years following the death of Amanda Blackburn, the woman gunned down inside of her home and shot to death on Indy’s northwest side, neighbors continue to ban together to keep their community safe.

Blackburn was shot November 10, 2015 after two men broke into her family’s home in the 2800 block of Sunnyfield Court. She was 12 weeks pregnant and died two days later. 

Following the murder, neighbors began to take immediate action to protect their families. Jerome Armon, who was new to the community during the incident, said he installed technology.

"Updated our alarm system with ADT. Invested in some surveillance cameras to see who comes in and who leaves,” said Armon. “A security camera inside the house to protect us when we are not at home. If someone comes to the house we can catch them."

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Gabi Acquaro said she has been working with others to keep a look out for suspicious activity.

"Our neighborhood is pretty plugged in,” she said. “We have a Facebook group. We communicate well with each other. We are always looking out for suspicious activity. We are definitely probably more alert than other neighborhoods."

Indianapolis has already seen 143 homicides since the start of 2017. With five weeks still remaining, this year could set the record as the deadliest year in Indianapolis history.

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