Marion County sheriff delays ending arrestee transport services to January 2018

Marion County sheriff delays ending arrestee transport services to January 2018
Posted at 7:18 PM, Aug 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-31 19:18:29-04

INDIANAPOLIS – The Marion County sheriff announced his office has delayed ending arrestee transport services to January 2018.

Call 6 Investigates obtained a copy of an email Sheriff John Layton sent informing police departments of the new plan.

I am writing to inform all that after a meeting with Chief Brian Roach of IMPD, it has been mutually agreed upon to set a date of January 1, 2018 to implement the end of both the Marion County Sheriff arrestee wagon detail, as well as the arrestee operations at Eskenazi Hospital. We continue to work together to assure a smooth transition of these responsibilities with the least amount of confusion and stress for all parties involved, including the public we serve.

The closing of the Arrestee Processing Center is still set for a date of September 24, 2017, the same day that our Judicial Branch vacates the APC. All fresh street arrestees shall then be taken to “lockup” in the City-County Building basement via the East down ramp.

On Aug. 14, Layton informed Marion County police departments that by September 24, MCSO would no longer provide arrestee transport services from arrest sites or security services at Marion County hospitals. The ending of those services were delayed to January 2018 as of Aug. 31.

Several police department officials expressed concern over the ending of services.

Layton said the reasoning for the end of services had to do with 2018 budget restraints.

"We can't go any longer, we have tried, we have band-aided and can't any longer,” said Layton, who mentioned he’s losing about six deputies per month to higher paying jobs. “They've been running on pride a lot but that doesn't buy bread on the table for their families.”

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