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Neighbors join in grassroots effort to complete Pogue's Run Trail on Indianapolis' near east side

Posted: 12:15 AM, Mar 31, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-31 04:40:48Z

INDIANAPOLIS -- A group of neighbors have joined in a grassroots effort to complete the Pogue's Run Trail on Indianapolis' near east side.

"I walk the trail pretty much everyday, that is, I go from my house which is down that way, and I do like a round trip thing so I go past this bridge everyday," said Laurie Klinger, "Pathways Over Pogue's" member.

The Pogue's Run Trail was part of the original Indianapolis Greenways Master Plan of 1994, but a bridge that is part of the trail is crumbling and what is supposed to be more than five miles of trail remains unfinished.

"I, and I know others have reached out to the city and said you know, it needs to be taken care of, and the city repeatedly let us know we just don't have the funds," said Klinger.

Because the city says it currently doesn't have the funds, the grassroots group "Pathways Over Pogues" has been formed with a goal to raise thousands to restore the historic bridge.

"The trail can't proceed until this bridge is fixed. It's the one major hurdle we have so that's why the focus has been on the bridge," said Jim Leach, "Pathways Over Pogues" member.

With just two months to go meet their goal, the group is hopeful they're paving the way to an improved park that can be enjoyed for years to come.

"There's so much going on on the near eastside, this would be a tremendous impetus for further development. Hopefully then the city, once the bridge is complete, it can move forward pretty quickly with the trail,"  said Leich

Because the bridge is on the historic register, the design will require approval from multiple agencies.

The work will take about two years to complete and it will cost around $250,000.

The Central Indiana Community Foundation is willing to match "Pathways Over Pogues" up to $30,000 until the end of the campaign.

RTV6 reached out to the city for comment as to why the bridge was never finished but did not hear back.

If you would like to make a contribution or learn more about the "Pathways Over Pogues" efforts, click here.

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