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People living in Indy apartment complex wake up to find cars on bricks, tires stolen

Posted: 6:40 PM, Jul 01, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-03 01:27:06Z

INDIANAPOLIS -- People living in a Castleton apartment complex are pleading for better security after several of them woke up to find their cars up on blocks and their tires missing. 

Stephon Macon's car was one of several hit by the thieves. 

"When I looked closely, all my wheels were gone and that kind of shocked me," said Macon. "It kind of really made me feel not safe. My bedroom window is right 40 to 50 feet from where my car is."

Macon wasn't the only one hit, several of his neighbors also woke up to the shocking sight. They say this isn't the first rash of crimes at their complex, but they want it to be the last. 

"I don't think this environment is safe and these apartments aren't doing anything to keep us safe from people coming in and out and committing these kinds of thefts," said Macon. 

Macon says there are no security cameras on the property and his complex, where tenants pay up to $1,400 for a two-bedroom apartment, has no security features. 

"This is supposed to be a luxury apartment setting," said resident Michael Glover. "I would think security gates with security codes for each tenant."

Glover also lives at the complex and he says he's also concerned that management isn't sharing information about these crimes when they occur. 

"I would have figured the office would have sent us some sort of communication to let us know that these types of activities were happening," said Glover. "You think about your life and you think about your family's life and you don't want to put those people in danger."

Macon and Glover both say they'll continue to bring their concerns to management until something is done. 

"I just hope the property management is willing to hear us because we are going to make an issue out of this," said Macon. 

On Monday, management at the Castle Creek Apartment Community sent a letter to residents, informing them of the thefts and saying they were working with local law enforcement to determine what steps need to be taken to help secure the complex. 

Dear Castle Creek Residents,


We are reaching out to all of our residents today in an effort to keep everyone informed about recent events within the community. Our hope is that through this open communication, we may all work together for a greater sense of awareness and work toward solutions that will improve the customer experience and sense of well-being for our residents. 


Friday evening, there was an incident in which four vehicles parked within the community were vandalized.  All four vehicles had their tires and rims stolen. Based on input from various law enforcement officials, these efforts appear to have been swift and organized.  While this is a rare occurrence at Castle Creek, it does not change the fact that it happened.  We have been in contact with local authorities and several security companies to assist us in developing the proper plan in the quickest time frame possible. 


Crime has no address and this type of theft can happen anywhere at any time.  In making you aware of this event, our goal is the entire community will proactively notify law enforcement if you see or hear anything suspicious or out of the ordinary.  We will update you as more information becomes available.  Please call the office if you have any questions or need assistance. As always, we are here for you.


Thank you.

Castle Creek Apartments

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