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People living on Indy's east side are worried about their safety, stray bullets during shootouts

Posted at 7:30 PM, Jul 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 22:27:08-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- People living in one neighborhood on Indianapolis' east side are worried about their safety after a fight between children led to a shootout between two men that had bullets flying all over the place. 

The shooting happened Monday evening near the intersection of 10th Street and Linwood Avenue. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers say no one was injured but two homes and two cars were hit during the exchange of gunfire. 

Lauren Gorton says she took cover behind a car with children that were playing in the area when the shots rang out. 

"I was scared. I think my heart stopped for a minute. I had kids behind me, I had a kid up my shirt. There were kids coming from in between houses. I was like 'Stop! don't come any further," said Gorton. "one of the kids who live in this house, the bullet went right by him. If the neighbor wouldn't have grabbed him and pulled him down... without a doubt he would've took one to the head."

Gorton took the video below while she was hiding with the kids, in it you can hear the shots ringing out nearby. 

Caution: Viewer Discretion Advised

"I see it, hear about it on the news, but to actually be in the middle of it gives me a whole different perspective," said Gorton. "Like, guns are out of control. Out of control."

Police say if you're somewhere when a shooting happens the first thing you should do is take cover and make sure you are safe.

"Find safety. You have to protect yourself," said Officer Michelle Garcia. "Find cover because if there are shots fired you don’t know where those bullets are going so the last thing we want is a citizen to get shot at. So finding cover going behind a building behind cars stuff like that."

Then, police say you can be a good witness by getting a good description of the suspect to help officers with their investigation. 

"We need people to help us with getting suspect description direction of travel in a situation like that you want to start thinking about where are you standing what street are you wan direction of travel are you facing so that way we can respond. And try to locate the suspect. What are they wearing? Approximately age? Start thinking about looking at their hair. Tattoos. Anything that is visible that can pretty much single out that person," said Officer Michelle Garcia. 

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