Police, fire and EMS personnel in Indiana step up to the #LipSyncChallenge

Police departments across the country have been battling it out with fancy moves and lip syncing action and several departments across Indiana have stepped up to the challenge.

One of our favorites is the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department's rendition of "Can't Stop the Feeling." 

WATCH | Tony Stewart flees from Columbus PD in #LipSyncChallenge

They went above just your standard "lip sync" though, IMPD made a replica of Justin Timberlake's music video, with a few Indy-centric surprises sprinkled in. 

The Columbus Police Department cheated a bit when they got NASCAR driver Tony Stewart involved in their recording. Stewart plays the criminal though, which is kind of fun. 

The Martinsville Police Department set the bar high with their lip sync mix, which included a visit to the public pool and some slick dance moves.

Officer Jake Harrington missed the fun because he had to work the day the police department recorded their video, so he decided to put one of his own together.

And it isn’t just police departments, the Martinsville Fire Department put on quite the show in their response to the Martinsville Police Department’s challenge.

The paramedics and EMTs of Indianapolis EMS even joined the fun by putting their own spin on the #LipSyncChallenge that included a visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Check out some of the other fantastic videos from departments across the state below


Cicero Police Department

Southport Police Department

Peru Police Department

Jasonville Police Department – Patrolman Dustin Cain

Bloomfield Police Department

Carmel Police Department  - Officer Van Treese

Carmel Police Department – Officer Rodriguez

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