Protesters call on Eli Lilly to lower insulin costs

INDIANAPOLIS -- Dozens of people gathered outside the headquarters of Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly on Saturday to demand that the company lower the cost of insulin.

The organizers of the rally accused Eli Lilly and other pharmaceutical companies of charging too much money for medication that people with diabetes need to survive.

Demonstrators say pharmaceutical companies need to be more transparent about how much it costs to manufacture a vial of insulin and show how much each company earns from the medication.

The company responded to the protests Saturday evening saying:

“We are pleased that people in the diabetes community are engaged in this issue and demonstrations are one way to do so. It will take continued effort across the healthcare system to affect real change and Lilly is committed to working with others to make it happen. This topic sparks a passionate response from people who are affected and we are committed to finding solutions. Lilly has been an active participant in the insulin access dialogue for a long time, and that work will continue. In the last year, we have introduced a number of initiatives to help reduce the amount people pay at the pharmacy until broader changes occur.”

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