Revitalizing Indianapolis' east side, one home at a time

Posted at 8:52 PM, Feb 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-15 23:42:10-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- Residents of the Christian Park neighborhood on Indianapolis' east side are working to make the area an affordable and desirable place to live.

"This is the most brilliant time to get into that market because there are still al lot of really fantastic homes that can be captured at a really reasonable price," said Harlon Wilson, Home Redevelopment Solutions.

Harlon Wilson and Enrique Gonzalez bought a foreclosed home in Christian Park in December 2016.

With some work, they were able to move in quickly and settle down in their new neighborhood.

They work as a real estate and contracting team with a goal in mind to remove the 'east side stigma.'

"We really feel that is going to be a catalyst to really get things started over here. The last couple years we started doing development, we have done a couple of flips. So it is very strategic to pick this area. We know that it is a fantastic gamble, with Pleasant Run, CJC, and everything else that is coming to this area," said Wilson.

It all ties in with the recent push of "My Christian Park,"  an effort to revitalize the neighborhood.

"There are a lot of really motivated people here. People who are motivated to show off our assets and use them more," said Rosalie Cronley, Christian Park resident.

Rosalie and Matthew Cronley have lived in Christian Park for two years.

"There is a group that has gotten together and have really been working hard to not just showcase our neighborhood and to position ourselves for future investment and show we really are a great place," said Cronley.

Harlon Wilson is leading the effort to bring more people to the east side neighborhoods.

"These are small homes that millennials will want. They are easy to take care of, these can be really brilliant homes and affordable," said Wilson.

With affordability at the top of mind, Wilson and Gonzalez are leading by example, with a doable price tag for home buyers

"This house was developed for a total of $100,000 at this point. This is not a $300,000 house. So we want to prove to people that this is what is possible in these areas and help people to have affordable homes that have been developed," said Wilson.

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