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Roncalli High Students ramping up efforts to support suspended guidance counselor

Posted at 11:22 AM, Sep 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-01 11:22:54-04

INDIANAPOLIS – Roncalli High School students are ramping up their efforts to show support for guidance counselor Shelly Fitzgerald, who was suspended after the school found out she was married to a woman.

At Friday night’s football game at Roncalli High School, organizers from the group Shelly’s Voice say they want to be the future of the mission to help Fitzgerald get back into her office.

Shelly’s Voice has created a Twitter account and a GoFund Me page. The hope is to raise more funds to hand out more bracelets and stickers.

“So far, we have just been trying to change the contract so that people like Miss. Fitzgerald can stand in her office and help hundreds and hundreds of students every single day,” Dominic Conover said.

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Part of the contract Conover and others apart of Shelly’s Voice they want to change is where employees are required to lead by word and example.

“We want everyone to experience the talent of Roncalli teachers and administration,” Conover said. “Tonight all the major donors at Roncalli High School will be on the sidelines to witness the game and we wanted them to also see that the students support Miss. Fitzgerald.”

Students hope to eventually create a non-profit to give funding to LGBTQ causes.

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