Franklin Township residents frustrated after crimes in neighborhood, but no officers showing up

Posted at 8:11 AM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-13 08:47:43-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- Some people in Franklin Township are frustrated with police after no officers were sent to investigate multiple crimes in the neighborhood.

Michelle Richardson says her family has been targeted three times, but a police officer hasn't been out to investigate.

"If one more thing happens we're not gonna be able to pay our rent or our utilities," she said. 

Richardson said her husband's truck was broken into in April. Somebody broke the locks and stole $2,500 worth of tools from it. 

They called police and somebody with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department took the report over the phone. But no officer ever came to Richardson's house to investigate.

"I mean it's just kind of ridiculous in my opinion," Brian Richardson said. 

There are times when certain crimes are reported over the phone, a spokesperson for IMPD said in an email. Officers would go the scene of a crime against a person, or if a suspect is at the scene. Police say you can always request an officer come to the scene, but for property crimes, it could be awhile before somebody is available. 

The Richardsons' neighbor, Jon Albertson, said his truck was also broken into. 

"Two chainsaws were missing," Albertson said. "It was the one night I left my wallet in the truck. I had $440 in there."

He said when he called police, IMPD said it would be 90 minutes before they came out, but he had to go to work. No report was ever filed. 

"I just never finished the police report because it wasn't worth it," Albertson said. "I had to go about my business."

Since Brian Richardson's truck was broken into in April, Michelle Richardson's car was also broken into. On Sunday, her truck's tires were slashed. The Richardsons are hoping IMPD will step up patrols in the area.

"I know they're busy," Richardson said. "I know this is minimal for everything that's been happening the news lately, but we're people too. These are our homes."

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