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The Indianapolis Zoo offers first look at baby giraffe, Kita

Posted: 4:31 PM, Dec 12, 2018
Updated: 2018-12-12 22:26:30-05
Kita the giraffe

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indianapolis Zoo has shared a first look at the new baby giraffe, Kita.

Kita was born at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in the summer of 2017. The now one-year-old, moved to the Indianapolis Zoo in October of 2018.

The young giraffe stands at 10 feet tall already, but yet is easily distinguished from the three other giraffes in the herd. She is still much smaller and lighter than the rest, as female giraffes can grow to be 15 feet tall. The Zookeepers said Kita warmed right up to them and has been hand fed since her arrival. They also said that the young female is “very curious with a relaxed personality.”

The Indianapolis Zoo has announced that young Kita’s public debut is possible to be as soon as spring 2019. Zookeepers have hopes of her participating in public feedings by then, as well.

Kita and the other giraffes have been spending the winter in a private, temperature-controlled facility where they are all becoming acquainted.