Tornado siren blares for more than an hour in Lawrence – on a perfect day

LAWRENCE, Ind. – A tornado siren blared for more than an hour in Lawrence Friday morning, causing neighbors to worry the cause as they saw clear skies.

The siren, near Fort Harrison is routinely used for less than one minute on Fridays to test tornado alarm systems, but around 11 a.m., it wouldn’t turn off. The noise caused a flood of calls to Lawrence police and fire dispatch centers.

Once the siren stopped, nearby neighbors noticed a power outage, which caused even more calls to emergency officials.

IPL officials said crews pulled a breaker to the tornado siren, but at the same time another piece of equipment failed and more than 4,000 people lost power. They believe it was a coincidence the outage and non-stop siren happened at the same time.

Power was restored within an hour, but city officials are still looking to figure out why the siren didn’t turn off as normal.  

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