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Video of cats, raccoon on porch raising concerns from neighbors on Indy's east side

Posted at 12:43 AM, Nov 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-01 00:43:28-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- A video of stray cats crowding the front of a home on Indianapolis’ east side is raising concerns from neighbors on Indianapolis’ east side.

Cheryl Colbert lives near 38th Street and Post Road and says her neighbor sets food out on a regular basis which attracts stray cats and now there’s are also raccoons on her porch.

“It went from being four to five cats to seven to eight cats and at one time I’ve counted there are 12 or more,” said Colbert. “Any animal that’s coming through there is pretty much there, it’s like a smorgasbord,” said Colbert.




Under Indianapolis ordinance, people should not provide food, water or shelter to free-roaming cats for more than 60 days unless they are in compliance with the community cat program, which requires them to be trapped, neutered and returned.

Caretakers of cats are encouraged to feed them at the same time daily and not to leave food out at night, which can attract wild animals.

“I’m just concerned,” said Colbert. “I’ve been putting up with it for a long time. It’s an eyesore to me. What people do in the privacy in their own home is their business, so my only suggestion is if you want to do that, that’s fine, but get a privacy fence so it’s over where only you can deal with it.”

Advocates for cats say you can keep them away from your home by applying non-toxic deterrents around your yard, putting a tight lid on your trash can and blocking gaps in the foundation of any building on your property.

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