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Weather: Everything you need to know about the upcoming extreme cold temps

Posted: 7:24 PM, Jan 29, 2019
Updated: 2019-01-30 16:10:09-05
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Arctic-like weather is present in central Indiana and RTV6 has compiled everything you need to know to prepare and stay safe.

Weather Forecast

A Wind Chill WARNING remains in effect through Thursday afternoon for much of Central Indiana. Wind chills Thursday morning will range from 0 to 30 BELOW zero.

Get the full forecast here.

No Mail Delivery

The United States Postal Service has suspended service in multiple states across the country because of the dangerously cold temperatures, including most of Indiana.

For a full list of areas affected Wednesday click HERE.

Power Outage

Thousands of Hoosiers are without power because of the extreme cold temperatures and power companies warn those numbers could go up as the temps stay below freezing with wind chills colder than 20 below throughout the day.

It is important to have a backup plan in case this happens to you.

When the power goes out in temps like this, it opens up your home to freezing air which can damage pipe and cause hazardous living situations. The best way to be prepared is to have a portable generator.

How to prepare your vehicle for the extreme cold

As we get ready to experience a two-day stretch of sub-zero temperatures across central Indiana, AAA Hoosier Motor Club is offering tips for motorists on how to prepare your vehicle for the cold so you don't get stranded.

Extreme temperatures can impact your vehicle in many ways, including tire pressure, batteries, engine belts and even your gas lines if you don't keep on top of your maintenance and keep things full.

In preparation for tomorrow's "deep freeze" AAA offers up these tips to drivers:

Due to the rise in numbers of vehicle thefts, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department released a video to to raise awareness of the risks people take when they leave their keys in their car while it's running. Click here to watch the IMPD's PSA.

Animals and the extreme cold

It is against city-county ordinance (Sec. 531-401) to leave animals outside when the temperatures are at or below 20 degrees, or if a wind chill advisory has been issued.

If you are concerned about the safety of an animal in your neighborhood as the extreme cold moves in, click here for what you should do.

Weather Safety Tips

Many counties have issued a travel advisory and are asking people to remain indoors. The National Weather Service recommends dressing in layers if you must go outside, cover all exposed skin to reduce frostbite and hypothermia.

When it comes to heating your home, never use a stove, oven or candle. When using a space heater, remember to keep everything out of its way for up to three feet.

Click here for a list of home safety tips.

County Travel Status

The highest level of travel advisory is "Warning." This means that travel may be restricted to only emergency management workers only. During "Warning" refrain from all travel.

During a "Watch" travel advisory, only essential travel - such as to and from work - is recommended. "Advisory" is the lowest level, and is used to caution drivers of possible hazardous situations.

Here is the status list for counties in central Indiana.

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