Woman gives ‘Love More' yard signs to neighbors in Indianapolis community

INDIANAPOLIS -- Violent events in Charlottesville struck a nerve with one Indianapolis mother who decided it was her chance to spread a message of hope. .

Soon after watching several protest and riots unfold, Angel Maschino remembered a friend who created yard signs that read “love more.”

“I texted my friend and asked her how many more signs she had, she said she had 20, and I said, well I would really like 200,” said Maschino.

A few days later, hundreds of signs arrived in the mail prompting Mashino and her husband to knock on the doors of their 200 neighbors to deliver messages of hope.

"Love more is the battle cry of people standing together to promote positivity, to promote unity, to promote strength,” she said.

A large number of neighbors accepted the signs and proudly displayed them in their yards.

“It makes me smile because she doesn't know all 200 of us, but that didn't matter to her, and she took it upon herself and her family to give us the signs and use it as we wanted to,” said neighbor Cicely Hart. “She prompted a movement, and I make sure when people see me, I share the story of these signs, and I hope they take off beyond Indianapolis.”

Maschino said she hopes her two young children learn from her actions.

“Teaching them that when negative things happen, we just have to stand up and do something positive and trying to explain that to them can be difficult,” she said. “It is easier to do that with something tangible like the signs.”

More information on “love more” yard signs can be found here. 

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