Indy man accused in real estate scam

David Garden facing several felony charges

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis man accused of targeting homeowners near foreclosure and renting out their properties without their knowledge is now officially charged, prosecutors announced Wednesday.

David Garden is facing several felony charges, including corrupt business influence, forgery and theft.

The Call 6 Investigators have reported on Garden's practices in the past.

According to court documents, Garden targeted homeowners who had financial troubles or were close to foreclosure on their homes, and he offered to help with the short-sale of the property.

After gaining control of the property, Garden would rent the properties without the owners knowing, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Court documents say Garden lived in one of the properties himself for more than a year without making any payments to the home's owner or the bank holding the mortgage.

Garden lost his real estate license in April, and he's also facing multiple city lawsuits after renting a home to a young couple against a judge's orders.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said Garden might have more victims that officials aren't aware of.

"We believe there are additional victims, and we encourage any individuals who believe they may have been victimized as homeowners, renters, or potential renters to contact our office," Curry said.

Anyone who believes he or she may have more information regarding this case is encouraged to leave a message for investigators at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Good Government Hotline at (317) 327-2700.

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