Indy teacher charged after student injured during science experiment

Asia Moses is no longer employed at school

INDIANAPOLIS - A teacher is facing criminal charges after a student in her class was burned during a science experiment.

Asia Moses, 23, who taught science at Tindley Accelerated Schools in Indianapolis as part of the Teach for America program, turned herself in to police Monday to face felony charges of child neglect and criminal recklessness.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Moses poured ethyl alcohol on a 14-year-old student's hand and lit it on fire during a lesson on chemical reactions. The student's wrist was burned.

The student told police that she said no to participating in the experiment, but other students in the class egged her on, according to court documents and surveillance video of the incident.

After the fire was out, Moses asked the student if she was OK and asked her if she needed to see the nurse, but the student said no. Moses then reportedly ran cold water over the student's burn.

According to court documents, surveillance video from inside the classroom shows Moses and other students laughing about the incident right after it happened.

School officials said the student was injured in April, but the incident wasn't immediately reported.

Moses told police she was scared to report the incident.

The student said she didn't tell her parents or the nurse because she didn't want her teacher to get in trouble.

Multiple students who were interviewed in the investigation told police that Moses told them not to say anything about the incident and to "keep it in the classroom," court documents said.

Moses is no longer employed at the school.

Marcus Robinson, Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer of Charles A. Tindley Accelerated Schools, issued the following statement:

In early April, an incident occurred in one of our classrooms that caused one of our students to suffer an injury. Neither the students nor staff involved reported this incident to school administration when it happened. Once we were made aware of the situation several weeks later, we took immediate action and communicated with the parents of the scholar and conducted an investigation of the incident. Tindley Accelerated Schools takes student safety very seriously. It is our top priority. We addressed the situation with the teacher, who is no longer employed with us, and have reiterated with the entire staff our high expectations that safety protocols be followed at all times, especially in a lab environment.

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