IPS says district won't abandon Arlington High School

INDIANAPOLIS - Officials with Indianapolis Public Schools said the district won’t abandon Arlington High School, but families were still worried about a possible closure.

In 2012, Arlington High School was one of five schools taken over by the Indiana Department of Education to be operated by a private firm because of poor performance.

Tindley Accelerated Schools now says it cannot afford to continue operating the school. The firm faces a budget shortfall of more than $2 million.

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Education leaders agreed the worst-case scenario was the school may shut down, but whether it closes or remains open, it was unclear what students could expect in a few weeks when school starts.

All three of Debra Brown’s children went to Arlington High School. Brown said her proudest day was watching her son with disabilities graduate. She believes keeping Arlington is important for the community.

IPS Superintendent Lewis Ferebee agreed, but said the district cannot sacrifice resources for current IPS students.

"Anytime you take students outside of their neighborhood, you have opportunities to provide barriers to the teaching and learning process, so we want students to remain at Arlington," Ferebee said.

The mayor’s office was working with interested parties. They hope to have a resolution within the next few days.

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