IPS's Sidener Academy earns perfect score on ISTEP

Merle Sidener Academy earned 100-percent

INDIANAPOLIS - As thousands of Indiana kids returned to school Monday, state officials released the results of 2013's Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress (ISTEP).

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The state's largest school district, Indianapolis Public Schools, is also home to a school that earned a perfect 100-percent score on the ISTEP – Sidener Academy.

Principal Tennille Wallace said she is proud of her teachers, staff and students.

"I know my students can give me 100-percent every year if they are motivated in the right direction.  If we slip a little bit, we look at our data and figure out where we've fallen off.  We have strong teachers and a strong academic setting.  We know we can continue that 100-percent if everything is moving into the right direction," Wallace said.

IPS Superintendent Dr. Lewis Ferebee wants to get the entire district moving in the right direction. Overall, the district had a 51 percent passing rate. 

"We did show some gains slightly, however, lots of work still needs to be done. I'm excited about some of our schools that have made tremendous strides.  We want to congratulate Sidener Academy, one of our schools to reach 100 percent proficiency," Ferebee said.

That praise was echoed by Sidener parent Ashley Baumann whose daughter is 5th grader.

"We keep her (at Sidener) because of the results and how they teach. They're good in everything they do.  You can get a good education at IPS," Baumann said.

Students who attend Sidener do have to pass an entrance exam in order to attend the school, which could give them an edge when comparing test success.

As a district, IPS was in the bottom five of the worst-performing school districts in central Indiana. Also included in that list is the Eminence School Corporation with 59.1-percent passing , Warren Township with 64.2-percent passing, Wayne Township with 64.4-percent passing, and Pike Township with 66.7 percent passing.

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