ISP: 'Extremely' drunken woman tried to put trooper in headlock after strip tease

POSEY COUNTY, Ind. - An Indiana woman's drunken Thursday night included a strip tease and an attempt to put a state trooper in a headlock, investigators said. That night ended in jail.

Indiana State Police (ISP) said that at roughly 8:30 p.m. Thursday, a master trooper responded to Fester's Bar in Mount Vernon, Indiana, after someone called to report a woman was inside the bar, "performing a strip tease."

By the time the trooper arrived he said she was gone, but the trooper was standing outside the bar as a truck pulled up with that woman inside.

She was later identified as Amber Carter, 34, of Evansville.

The trooper said the man driving the truck had tried to take Carter home. But the driver told ISP Carter had refused to give him directions to her residence, and she also got violent, trying to scratch his face.

ISP said the trooper could detect a strong alcohol smell coming from Carter when he got closer to her, and she appeared to be extremely drunk.

Investigators said the trooper tried to get Carter to call a friend to take her home, but Carter kept dropping her phone and turning it on and off.

After she tried to put the trooper in a headlock (all the while yelling at the driver of the truck that brought her back to the bar), ISP said she was put in handcuffs.

The trooper said it wasn't over, though. In the back of the patrol car she kicked the window, trying to break it.

Investigators said she was taken to the Posey County Jail, where she continued to be uncooperative.

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