IU takes steps aimed at preventing sexual assaults

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana University says it is taking steps to prevent and respond to sexual assault on its seven campuses.

University officials say IU's Student Welfare Initiative will help ensure its responsiveness to federal laws, including Title IX and the Campus SaVE Act, which require schools to take action to respond promptly and effectively to sexual violence and harassment.

The university has created a council made up of top-level university administrators, to ensure that student welfare is a priority at the highest levels. The goal of the initiative is to improve coordination, provide better consistency and facilitate clearer intra-campus and inter-campus communication.

Leslie Fasone, assistant dean for Women and Gender Affairs, said getting students involved in the university's efforts is crucial.

"Students talk to students first and then they'll talk to their parents and so we figured, we've learned that we really need to arm students with the tools to connect other students to resources," Fasone said.

Starting with the new school year, thousands of posters will hang in dorms and other buildings with phone numbers and information for sexual assault victims.

"If something were to happen to someone it's important that they should know where to go and who to talk to," said IU Senior Abby Koop.

IU also has plans to launch a website in the coming weeks geared toward helping victims and educating all students on appropriate boundaries.

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