Jared Fogle investigation: Dog named 'Bear' key in Fogle investigation

INDIANAPOLIS -- One of the leading investigators in the Jared Fogle child pornography case doesn't even work for a police agency.

In fact, he's not even human.

A Labrador retriever named "Bear" has a nose with a knack for sniffing out electronic media storage devices.

After four months of training, Bear can easily detect SD cards, thumb drives, iPads and more.

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Bear has worked five investigations for the Indiana Crimes Against Children Task Force, including the one at Fogle's Zionsville residence.

Officials shared specific details Wednesday about how many electronic items were examined -- 16 smartphones, five basic cellphones, five mp3 players, five tablets, six laptops, one desktop, six hard drives, five cameras, 10 flash drives, 10 memory cards, 46 CDs and 22 DVDs.

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Prosecutors said Wednesday Bear's discovery of a hidden flash drive was vital to the investigation.

Bear is set to leave for Washington Thursday, where he will begin a new job with the Seattle Police Department.
Watch the video in the player above to see Bear in action, learn more about Bear's training and hear from prosecutors how his discoveries directly impacted the investigation.
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